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Do accessories add value to the style?

To answer this question it is important that you understand what an accessory is and its purpose. Accessories are the pieces that enrich and add value to the wardrobe and appearance. In other words, they will enhance as much of your style as your physical attributes.

They have the magical ability to completely change the appearance of an outfit. For example, the classic black dress is a versatile piece that you can use during day or night depending on the accessories added. You can wear it for a professional look at work, a casual lunch or even during a formal dinner. Literally, you can wear it all day during different events and probably no one notices. Why? Because you add the right accessories to stand out on each occasion. Correctly chosen accessory pieces will define and accentuate each style, whether you have chosen a professional, casual or sophisticated one.

Between them are bags, belts, footwear, head and hair accessories, scarves, glasses, jewelry, among others. These items are available in countless materials and costs, making them affordable for most people. Also, it is relatively easy to start obtaining your own collection. They are the best alternative to update your wardrobe and give a twist to your style without having to change all your clothes. Dare to give a new opportunity to those garments you have forgotten!

It’s important when you decide to choose the pieces that will complement your style, look at the sizes and the number of pieces you plan to use. Visualize how you want to look or what are you trying to project. Remember that well-chosen accessories will help you to give a perception of who you are or how others see you. The idea is showing a better version of you.  Don’t be afraid, have fun and experiment with your appearance. Remember, style lasts forever!

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