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What is costume jewelry?

Costume jewelry are those accessories made from such materials that are not typical of jewelry. They are not built of precious metals like Gold or Silver, neither have precious stones or diamonds. Within the costume jewelry, all kinds of accessories are included such as bags, glasses, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, scarves, among others. So it’s a broad and competitive market that is intended for aesthetics.

Fashion jewelry pieces are extremely popular with the masses because their cost is often affordable. They emulate the pieces of fine jewelry without passing the cost to the customer. This does not mean that there are no pieces with a high degree of elaboration that can be considered as fine jewelry, but not everyone has access to them.

They are distinguished from fine jewelry by their durability, the costume jewelry is more susceptible to wear down. It is common to observe blackening in steel or brass pieces throughout the time or due to continuous use. Also, you may notice that the plastic parts could suffer wear down, loss of color or break. To avoid this and prolong the durability of this type of jewelry, you should abstain from using the same pieces continuously; It is more advisable to alter their use and desist exposing them to water, perfumes, heat or sweat. This will make your fashion jewelry last longer. Another problem is that depending on the thickness of the metals used, a person can have allergic reactions so they are not for everyone.

The unlimited use of materials and styles today, makes fashion jewelry a basic piece of the wardrobe. You can turn your everyday outfit into a whole different look simply by adding some accessories. Also, they can help you to give an updated look to your clothing. In other words, it allows you to be fashionable for much less money and without buying new clothes. This makes it much easier to discover your style. It is time to put together your costume jewelry collection. I already have mine. What are you waiting for?

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