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Who runs the Mereki Store?

A little about me… Hello Ladies!

I’m Yadira Vargas, in general, I don’t usually wear makeup as you can see. Normally, I’m a bit shy and introverted, but don’t be fooled, I can be a box of surprises. Right now I am running Mereki Store (jewelry and accessories online-store) and working as a dental assistant. Dental assistant? Yes, that is one of my passions, among other things, I also love jewelry, accessories, and fashion. I started in the world of accessories when I was looking for ones that reflected my true self, the one that not everyone knows. This is how the Mereki Store was born!

Why? Well, because I am a faithful believer that accessories are a declaration of identity and individualism, we allow ourselves to declare our style without saying a single word. Probably, you will remember me more by my accessories than by my name. Those little details will remain in the subconscious and are easier to remember. Although my current profession does not allow me to use too many accessories or the ones I want, I never forget to wear my pineapple charm and my little geometric bag. They are my own trademark and I love it! In fact, they are almost always a topic of conversation, allowing me to talk to and meet other people.

If you like accessories as much as me, I encourage you to visit our store and take a look. Although I’d like to know first, which are your favorite accessories?

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