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What is costume jewelry?

Costume jewelry are those accessories made from such materials that are not typical of jewelry. They are not built of precious metals like Gold or Silver, neither have precious stones or diamonds. Within the costume jewelry, all kinds of accessories are included such as bags, glasses, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, scarves, among others. So it's… Continue reading What is costume jewelry?

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¿Quién maneja Mereki Store?

Un poquito acerca de mi…¡Hola, Chicas! Soy Yadira Vargas, por lo general, no suelo usar maquillaje como puedes ver. Normalmente, soy algo tímida e introvertida, pero no te dejes engañar, puedo ser una caja de sorpresas. En este momento estoy manejando Mereki Store (una tienda de joyería y accesorios en línea) y trabajando como asistente… Continue reading ¿Quién maneja Mereki Store?

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Do accessories add value to the style?

To answer this question it is important that you understand what an accessory is and its purpose. Accessories are the pieces that enrich and add value to the wardrobe and appearance. In other words, they will enhance as much of your style as your physical attributes. They have the magical ability to completely change the… Continue reading Do accessories add value to the style?